Monday, December 19, 2011

Natural Decorations for the Holidays

Adorn the house with natural Christmas decorations. They are cheap, fun to make, and eco-friendly.

Decorating for Christmas puts everyone in the mood of the holiday season. Each year, we purchase new decorations for our house or office, specifically for the Christmas tree. This year, why not go for natural Christmas decorations? Natural decorations refer to the real thing. Using nature to enhance the place is safe for the environment. When the holiday is over, these natural decorations can be easily disposed. There is no need to stash away decorations that are made of plastic and other synthetic material. (You keep the artificial Christmas tree, of course.)

Below are some natural Christmas decorations which you can make at home:

Wreaths and Garlands

Decorate banisters, mantles, and archways with natural garlands which you can purchase at nurseries or farmer’s markets. If you have holly bushes or evergreen bushes in your garden, you can make the garlands yourself. Use the remnants to create strings of garland. The little pieces can adorn candle displays and be used to create wreaths.

Berries on Your Christmas Tree

Do you grow berries in your garden? Berries can add color to your Christmas tree. String a few berries and alternate them with seeds. Brush the string with shellac to seal in the smells. You can do the beading with your kids.

Cookie Ornaments 

How about cookies made of dough and salt? Make Christmas shapes out of the dough and bake them. Because of the salt, these cookie ornaments would become rock hard. Once cooled, paint over them using non-toxic paint. Before baking the dough, punch a hole in each cookie so a ribbon or a string could be passed through it later.

Good read: A Christmas Cookie Book (Includes sixteen recipes for cookies, including Keeping Cookies for use as Christmas tree ornaments.)

Pine Cones

Pine cones are another popular Christmas d├ęcor. Apply glue to the bottom of the pine cone and make a place for the string to be attached. Hang the pine cones on the Christmas tree.

Choosing to use natural decorations for Christmas saves money and the environment. Come up with your own decorating ideas and involve the kids in making them.

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