Sunday, January 8, 2012

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Home

Colors enrich our world. When we are surrounded by colors, we are able to create a particular atmosphere that suits our needs. This article lists four tips on choosing colors for your home.

We can harness the strength and benefits of colors when we use them to enhance our home. Blending colors successfully can help create a harmonious environment that is calm and relaxing or lively and energizing. Here are four tips on how you can enhance your health and well-being by choosing the right colors for your home:

Sumersault Window Valance- Geo Girl

1. Let the yellow sunshine in 

When you are designing your home environment, consider the amount of sunlight that enters each room. Make sure you get enough glow from the sun’s beams. When sunlight is received into your mind and body, it will give you a feeling of purification. Allowing sunlight to flood into dark corners also rids a room of its staleness and kills some bacteria.

2. Choose colors that heal and inspire 

When you are decorating, think about the effects of color on the room itself and its future inhabitants. How will the room be used? Who will occupy it? Will their problems be alleviated or worsened by your color choices? What are their ambitions and aims? An orange room, for example, will instill cheerfulness into its occupants.

3. Match color with size

Before choosing colors, consider the size and shape of each room. The stronger the color, the smaller a room will appear. Small rooms tend to look more spacious when decorated and painted in pale colors. In larger areas, colors may appear to be more intense. Avoid using a strong color for a big room as it can cause claustrophobia. For dark narrow rooms use light, clear colors.

4. Light and shade 

Before using white, check how much daylight the room receives. A bright white room can be tiring for the eyes and cause frustration. Deep colors may look good with a room that gets plenty of sunshine. When deep colors blend with sunlight, they become several shades duller at night, but can look cozy on firelight or candlelight. If you are painting only one wall in a different color, do not choose a wall where there is a door or window as this dissipates the color energy.

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