Sunday, September 11, 2011

Preparing Vegetarian Meals for Your Thanksgiving Party

Indian Curry
If you are expecting vegetarian guests at your Thanksgiving party this year, you may need to know a few important things about serving vegetarian meals. Do not worry about preparing a hefty vegetarian course or serving a vegetarian dish that has meat substitutes. You can actually serve vegetarian dishes along with other dishes. Think about incorporating healthy food preparation into your menu. This way, you are sure to please all your guests-even yourself!

On Thanksgiving Day friends and family gather to give thanks and to share peace and happiness. It is during this time when food becomes an integral part of being together and doing things together. If you are transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle, it may be a good move to incorporate healthy food preparation into your Thanksgiving menu. This works two ways, as you are able to stick to your diet and encourage guests to eat healthy as well.

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