Sunday, September 11, 2011

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Kitchen

Are you planning on decorating your kitchen for Christmas?  Other than the Christmas tree, there are many other things that can add yuletide cheer to your kitchen.  Here are some ideas:

Oven Mitts and Potholders

Holiday Hostess - Kay Dee Designs Embroidered Christmas Potholder (1)Mitts and potholders are among the things you can use to decorate your kitchen.  Christmas themed potholders and mitts abound during the holidays, and they’re often sold by the bulk and at very low prices.  Choose a theme that would complement the colors of your kitchen.  Potholders with a picture of snowflakes, reindeers, Christmas trees, or Santa are the most common.  You don’t have to use these decorative potholders; you can just hang them or make them temporarily replace doilies.

Kitchen Towels

DII Christmas Dots Printed Microfiber Kitchen Towel, Sets of 2 in 3 Colors, Forest, Red and GreenJust like mitts and potholders, you can easily find kitchen towels that come with a Christmas theme. Hang these items in your kitchen and you’ll instantly have Christmas decorations. In addition to kitchen towels, try Christmas themed table cloths or make a curtain for your kitchen window using special Christmas fabric.   

Kitchen Magnets

How about kitchen magnets?  Many retail stores, even those online, carry a large selection of Christmas magnets.  These magnets come in different styles and purpose; some are handcrafted while some double as picture frames.  Think of a Christmas theme that you’d like to showcase on your refrigerator.  You can get magnets to form a picture of the Nativity, or display Santa and his reindeers.  Another good idea is to place pictures of your family members using picture frame magnets.  Whatever theme you decide on, you are sure to find the perfect magnets everywhere you look.


What could be easier than decorating the kitchen with kitchenware?  Kitchenware refers to the items that you use in your kitchen. Christmas themed plates, bowls, cups and eating utensils can be bought from practically any retail store you can get into.  You can get a boxed set if you wish to showcase a variation of kitchenware with one single theme.  Another good idea would be to buy items with different designs.

The above mentioned ideas and items are just a few of the many ways you can decorate your kitchen for Christmas. Look for more ideas in books, magazines and websites.  If you have very specific items in mind, shop early so you can get the best deals and prices.

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