Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Caring for Your Persian Cat

Persian cats are a common favorite breed of cat because they are gentle, sweet and have long flowing coats.  They make great companions for anyone, are not very demanding, and do not need a lot of attention from their owner.  

Most Persian cats come in white, but some may have a variety of other colors.  The color of a Persian cat may either be categorized as solid, silver and gold, tabby, shaded and smoke, particolor, bicolor, or Himalayan.  

As owner of a Persian cat, make sure you give extra care to your pet’s coat. The fur of a Persian cat is long and dense; groom it daily to main the health of its coat.  The coat of a Persian cat can be easily damaged.  To protect your kitty’s coat, let your cat stay indoors most of the time.  Brush its coat every day with a metal comb to prevent tangling, which can lead to hairballs.  If you have a young Persian cat, bathe it often to keep the coat clean and healthy.

Protect your cat from diseases and common parasites by keeping it indoors most of the time.  Keeping it inside your home also reduces the possibility of it getting hit by a car or being attacked by a dog.  

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Bring your Persian pet to a veterinarian every year for checkup.  Make sure that it is well groomed, receives shots, and eats healthy food.  Pay special attention to its big eyes, as they need to be clean at all times.

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