Monday, October 3, 2011

How to Keep Your Household Staff Productive and Happy

Trained workers are efficient workers
Domestic workers need training, understanding, and a little bit of time for themselves. This article offers tips on how you can make your household staff work efficiently while wearing a happy face.

Hundreds of thousands of families all over the world hire domestic workers. Are you running a household largely fueled by these helpful hands? Here are some tips to keep your household staff productive and happy:

Provide training in housekeeping

Your domestic workers may not be familiar with your system of housekeeping. Give them adequate information on how to manage the household. Teach them how to properly operate machines and other equipment.

Understand cultural differences

Many domestic workers come from different cultural backgrounds and countries. Give them time to become familiar with their new surroundings. Slowly introduce your own customs and traditions to them. Study their country’s culture and society as well.

Keep communication lines open

Your household staff might experience loneliness and homesickness every now and again. Encourage them to keep in touch with their families and friends. Allow them to send letters or make occasional calls.

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